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Corrections use our locking restraint systems and are a safety staple, in many facilities, both our bed restraint systems and ambulatory restraints. The correctional field also uses the restraint chair, restraint bed, and restraint board. Also, suicide smock, blankets, and protective helmets have become recent standards.

Court Security has been improved with use of leg restraints, such as the unique transport leg brace. This can be worn over clothing, or under a pant leg for a discrete restraint. The transport leg weight is another restraint that can be discrete yet results in secured control.

Law Enforcement use a variety of or products from our nylon control strap, which is used to restrain the movement of the legs during transport, to our transport belts. Humane Restraint’s transport belts are used with handcuffs for greater control over a subject.

Hospitals have used leather wrist and ankle restraints for over 135 years. Today’s trend is to see hospitals moving to our polyurethane restraint systems or web restraints (polypropylene or nylon restraints). In fact, “Get the leathers” has been replaced with “Get the Poly restraints” or “Get the Velcro restraints.”

Long Term Care Facilities have moved away from restraints but still contact Humane Restraint to purchase gait belts. Humane Restraint offers cotton gait belts, synthetic gait belts, and polyurethane restraint belts. Patient position aids assist care givers in patient lifting.


912 Bethel Circle
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